Dragon couple you and me we got this poster


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More processed food no thanks! Causes too many illnesses. Keep to basic foods locally produced with good welfare.. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Imagine not just the ethical or environmental concerns, but the culinary benefits. We could grow meat to have specific types of flavors. Just as the authors akin it to brewing, we could have thousands of artisan… See More. Just eat plant based proteins and make burgers — delicious burgers — with them. No real need for fake meat.. If you want to eat meat- eat it and if you want to care the world and be vegan it something else- don’t try to make fake meat.. Most of what we eat comes from a lab… We haven’t eaten actually food for years and wonder why we getting sick.. Its doesn’t taste as good if it doesn’t have a soul ya know. Does the meat still have a consciouness? A soul? Thought provoking and mouthwatering questions

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster A1

Yes, it is chemically the same thing and is produced with far fewer natural resources, including land that can be used for other purposes. Gotta survive climate change and overpopulation here folks.. Couldn’t we simply eat cereals and beans? Do we really need artificial meat-like stuff? Maybe it is a good transition method for those who would like to go vegetarian, but I see this as an unnecessary and expensive invention.. The thing is we dont know the true cost either way. We are told its “healthier” but we were also told its ok to use radiation for glowing skin (pun intended). Or to use mercury as make up….. I have no issue with eating meat however this will probably be really good for the ecology and environment.. Let me start by saying, that I already has reduced my meat consumption a lot. But I would not exchange real meat for something grown in a lab. It will not have the same nutrients that real meat has, and it will further enhance the already malnutrition … See More

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster A2

WTF IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?!?!?!? ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING???? COMMON SAY IT TO MY FACE THEN!!!!. I think that when people are triggered in such a manner it almost always points to the past coming into the present. That is not an easy fix and cannot be just rationalized away.. It’s always not taking personally. If some one sees into mobile while we speak, it’s obvious their attention diverted, and no use in continuing to speak, as the other wouldn’t have listened and we need to speak again which is tiresome. So better to dem… See More. Ted’s audience needs to hear this the most but can’t get past their cognitive dissonance.. It’s always about you. If you were someone else any of these might not happen.. It may be due to overthinking, or to a common feeling of insecurity, of being left behind in such an utterly competitive, egoistic and quintessentially judgmental society.

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster A3

It is a major aspect of being completely, utterly, narcissistically self absorbed, isn’t it? . Not anymore. But it has taken years and a shed tonne of therapy and self processing. My sense of self is pretty rock solid and finally liking and embracing myself means most insults, perceived slights or feeling excluded just slide off my shoulders. … See More. Reading through the comments, with such labels as narcissistic, egotistic, it’s no wonder one feels like that. These days we are so ready to judge. We talk about feelings more than ever before, but it seems with it comes judgement of others.. Spot on.. It is NEVER about you. It’s how the other person sees the world, according to their judgment and their reality. Its a long process to not let your ego take over….. I can’t believe you would ask me that! What did I ever do to deserve this?!

Eating a plant based diet is better on every metric.. FYI: If you grow a thing for the purpose of eating it, then you are farming it.. Im fine with eating meat grown in a lab setting.
Zero suffering. And at the end of the day, it will be 100% biological meat. If anything, it can be even more guaranteed to contain the nutrients needed. The sooner the better. Make it affordable and I’ll happily give up farmed meat.. Hell yeah. Lab brisket without all the problems with raising cattle would be fantastic. Yess! It has many advantages over farm meat. No antibiotics. Better hygiene. Much less damage to the environment. And above all that’s the best part. No animal has to die or suffer.. I’m in. Will take getting used to (psychologically) but this is the solution!. You mean fast food? I never expected that was real meat so nothing new

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