Scuba diving helmet hawaiian shirt, beach short


Tara KleinI can’t even run on a treadmill for longer than like a minute without losing breath, and here comes Miley belting a song pitch perfectly while jogging steadily without missing a beat. 328 . Kimberley ElkinsMiley is working so hard on her vocals and body for the SBLV CONCERT. It’s good to see and hear how amazing her vocals our. MC your an Absolute music legend. My Queen forever. X 17 . Eyvonne Blacktina MeadorsThat’s very smart get your cardio going while you singing so you won’t look crazy on stage and run out of breath like other artists I’ve seen (lil Kim) good job7 . Jaymers CaldwellMy nips ALSO got hard at the end of her vocal set…* Let’s just say my nips were ALSO “Lack Luster” after the off camera voice finished making noise 1 . IdeasAfter Adele, Miley is the best vocalist in this generation.28 . • B r o k e n h e a r T•You are one of my favourite singer since Hannah Montana and “party in the USA”..When I was growing up I started liking you more because of your life style You live your life by your own rules and that took my heart away 24  Scuba diving helmet hawaiian shirt, beach short

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Christine RayA music is so good. . Savanna SaperaWe are ready for you queen 3 . Angel KidwellSO EXCITED FOR NIGHT CAWLING OMFGGG3 . Tracy DavenportAll the best ..you will smash it xx . Mahkwa LloydLooking better then ole chicken butt from early on when performing with Robin Thicke on an awards show. . Rafael RangelI just can’t thank you enough for this album  . Nnabuife EmekaBlessed the event Miley. You have a fun personality. A lovely addition anywhere. Still stationed in the planets alien invasion of its altitudes. Had an invasion over the Super Bowl event location right before. Straight scifi. On monitors. Appreciate yo… See More1 . Sandra CatalfamoHow do we watch? . Samuel GattiMiley it’s me Noah’s Dad hi how you doing baby it’s me your first boyfriend how you doing what you doing princess Miley I’m only 6 in but they are 17 inch in 7 days I’ll be 23 in your favorite number I’m her father how are you doing what’s up what’s go… See More  Scuba diving helmet hawaiian shirt, beach short

Scuba diving helmet beach short