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How to fight back artillery without terrible losses? Also, pilots who know the waters around Copenhagen report that they are dangerous, filled with estuarine sandy beaches and complicated winds. Driving the ship through these dangerous places under the cover of the cannon will suffer many losses. Given all these difficulties, it is probably best to […]

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Nelson swallowed his pride and accepted the assignment, but he saw difficulties ahead. He knew that time was of the essence: the faster the navy moved, the less the Danes had a chance to set up defenses. The warships were ready to leave, but Parker’s motto was “Everything is in order.” Rushing is not his […]

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At this moment, my mother came to my dad’s side, her head nestled in his lap, showing her absolute confidence, bringing her whole life into his hands, and also the strong arms that had carried Belie up to the moon. over their mothers’ shoulders, the two of them, as if they had sworn to promise […]

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Belie wasn’t exactly scared, but she was completely bewildered and confused about what to do, and turned her gaze to her mother, saw her laughing softly, then relaxed, one of her knees pressed to the ground, with his right hand resting on his chest, as the demons received orders from the maya, Belie seriously said. […]

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After brushing her hair, she took Belie ‘s hand through the vast corridor, past the classical carved pillars tinged with a dark night as if built from the dark night of hell. Walking in the moonlight, the two walked towards the dining room of the castle, leaving two glossy shadows on the floor. Through the […]

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It’s not like your parents, your genes haven’t awakened, you’re now like your grandmother. After saying this, suddenly her mother wrapped her arms around Belie, her head buried in her shoulders, her voice trembling as if suppressing. Mom, I’m really looking forward to seeing you while transforming, how will I be? Will the hair be […]

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Vanadis laughed, reached for a small red diamond-studded tiara on the head of the girl she loved most in this world, leaning her chin gently on his shoulder, she smiled happily then waved her hand. Although she no longer has the power of a semi-angel, she can still use magic as a human magician. At […]

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Belie turned her eyes to the woman ahead of her, she was once the semi-beautiful Vanadis angel who had driven the demon king’s heart crazy, but now the spring had diminished a little because she turned 40, even though The most beautiful woman in hell, but no longer the angel’s ability to maintain immortality, could […]

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Until 30 years old, Belie is still a human, she also needs to sleep, eat and sleep, and like any other normal person, she is also unable to see in the night. But luckily, Belie was a magician, more precisely a rather competent magician, maybe she inherited this from her grandmother, so when she was […]

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