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To end it better : “but just think of the possibilities if we allowed room for our natural sleep cycle to kick in, and everyone got to be truly awake!”. This is actually exactly my sleep pattern. I go to bed, usually, around 8pm (because my toddler falls asleep next to me) then I’m up around 12:30-2:30 then back to sleep again until she wakes me up at 6! I never thought about it before but I actually… See More. I found this interesting, but her talk was a bit of a let down. Just as I thought she was about to go further, it ended abruptly. Shame.. This sounds like me since the Pandemic started and becoming unemployed.. Makes no sense. Everyone, the world over, changed their sleeping habits? Even those people living very remotely? This type of sleep wasn’t a feature of people living in previously uncontacted tribes. Was there some sort of global memo?

Ballet it’s okay to make mistakes poster

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There is a natural tendency to fear-mistrust “outsiders”, and to be more lenient, even in morally wrong situations, with people we see as belonging to our group (or that we identify with). This is well studied in Irrational Behaviour and also in sociol… See More. Mr Rogers creeps me out. There, I said it. I know most people love him, but as a child, he always gave me a ‘stranger/danger’ vibe. As an adult, still pretty creepy.. Nowhere in the article does it say: “A bunch of people watched the Addams family for the first time, but on mute. And made a psychological discovery on creepiness.” But this is what happened and you can’t convince me otherwise.. I will admit that I look to see if the emotion they are seeming to give off is reflected in their eyes – providing of course that they are not blind, and that they are not trying to brave out a horrible personal tragedy (because those people will smile… See More

Ballet it’s okay to make mistakes poster

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“I’m so tired. I need 8 hours of sleep a day, and about 10 at night.” William M. Hicks. What sleep cycle. I don’t think I was born with one. My mother told me I hardly ever slept. Little naps. I’m 62, the only way I can sleep now is with a xanax and melatonin. I’ve gone through several sleep studies. Nothing has helped. I sleep 4 hours a … See More. Important subject, but not well explored in this video. I’d really like to know more about our natural sleep cycle and how to harness it and get full advantage of it..
Caring is Sharing
Why I Will Never Pay For A Man!. Absolutely.
Humans sleep cycles, their natural sleep sleep cycles that is, have been disrupted by corporation and manufacturing expectations since the industrial revolution.. Like *you* do now.. nope… because I’m (seemingly) non-24.
(is why it doesn’t apply, and is why I am tired if/when I am tired).… See More
Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder – Wikipedia

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During the COVID 19 “safer at home” longest Spring Break EVER, I started slipping into this sleep pattern. It hasn’t been difficult getting back into a retiree’s work pattern since I can snooze in the 4 hours between duty assignments.. Lauren Elizabeth I only use alarm clock if I *have to* get up, to catch an early flight or something, which is a few times in a year. Otherwise I wake up naturally. I tend to sleep no more than 6 or 7 hours in a night. Quite often I’ll wake at around 0… See More. So the best is still approximately eight hours of sleep—but two hours of quiet awake-time in between the two four hour stints. Pretty much a dark-to-dawn downtime. That’s a lot of rest!. Sure, but there is nothing we can do about it. Sun goes when it pleases, many of us go to school or work in certain times.

Sometimes it depends on who you are asking !. Being told no hurts too much. If I look ok, people think I’m using them.. And then there’s the people who ask for way more help than is reasonable – requiring me to get therapy to set up boundaries and learn to say no.. You are beautiful person, indeed. Great and needed message for our day.. Not asking is not weakness. Bearing it so others dont have to is not weakness.. Soooooo good! . If you ask for help against police corruption in BC, you end up being harassed and, eventually, killed by criminal cops. My life is, basically, over if I can’t get the police harassment to stop. And, it’s all because I asked for help after they declare… See More. National Defense requires strong people mentally as well as physically.Populate that lot with weak people sets you up for being overrun by invading forces throughout history .The consequences of this has been horrible enslavement and genocide even in t… See More

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