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After January 20 you and your entire vile family will never set foot in the White House again.. This may never reach our President but I hope he knows at least 83 % of American voters are behind him. Also he needs people he can trust. I would go to the Citizens and hire from among them.. Healthcare pricing= looking forward to being able to find out costs ahead of time, again…like years ago! It’s not impossible! More power for “the people.”. Our transition to our next administration isn’t going so well. We need it to! Please, allow the next administration to proceed, as all other administrations have done in our history! Even if you are a turd in the punchbowl of humanity! Do the right thi… See More. Looking forward to January 20th!. Price transparency ? So now your going to tell us how much big pharma and healthcare is ripping us off? Wow such a win Cowboy horse to my daughter love dad poster

Cowboy horse to my daughter love dad poster

Cowboy horse to my daughter love dad poster A1

Great to hear. Great step in right direction. The whole healthcare system needs to be overhauled because it’s so expensive for average workers. Need Trump four more years!. People need to stop watching msm! The Russian collusion was bs trumped up by Clinton, Obama and Biden to get the heat off of Hillary’s illegal emails! The FBI has also released notes on this. Investigate instead of being led like sheep!. How about giving money back to the people instead of donating to other countries? The money belongs to the people, not the politicians. Therefore, the people should have to approve the donation to other countries.. Thank you President Trump this is a good policy for all Americans. We now will have more control over the amount we chose to pay for procedures.. The win will come when he packs his horrid belongings and moves his butt down the road and we get a real president Cowboy horse to my daughter love dad poster

Cowboy horse to my daughter love dad poster

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This man will accomplish in 2.5 months, more than any POTUS did full term.. What’s wrong with playing golf? For grip sakes get a life, many people play to relieve stress. Good Lord knows this man has been through hell by the likes of people just like you. Pick,pick,pick!!!!. President Trump was just voted most admired man in the U.S.. Do you really think he lost the election?. He took on the swamp and the swamp is fighting back. Being honest isn’t easy.. Good Lord I am sick of the word “swamp” when the biggest swamp creatures are those currently in the White House. Oblivious to the deaths of 335000 plus Americans.. I sure wish the Democrats would have worked with him for the betterment of the country.. THANK GOD, that we have a President that’s looking out for AMERICA People!!! Some Battle’s worth fighting for especially for your country!! GOD, is with you, and with this Country!! that’s what it takes a strong Leader that does not Back Down !!!!!!!

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