Cow in this kitchen we dance poster


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All children need in-person learning.. Who is Trump kidding? The lack of learning or other intellectual activity will create more Republicans.. What about lack of human compassion a d a stimulus package?. Betsy DeVos did the most damage to education.. Tell your buddy Moscow Mitch to vote on $2000 stimulus checks. You claimed to support that amount. The Democrats did they’re part now you do yours!!. It is the same for college students who are in the same boat.. The south’s schools are open and close periodically to clean and reopen. You can opt for at home all year if you chose! Importance of not living in liberal run state!. You’re not protecting anyone.. special needs children need their schools. Get rid of joe and Camilla and things should improve. i didn’t know you could do that from the golf course… funny how pardoning war criminals came first . Really? What you did was try to rush people back to work by pushing to open schools. You put no thought or effort into making it safe. We could have done it all safely had the WH encouraged people to follow CDC guidelines . Cow in this kitchen we dance poster

Cow in this kitchen we dance poster

Cow in this kitchen we dance poster A1

We need the immunizations. Do that. As promised. Keep one promise you utter failure. Stop pardoning murderers and stop the virus. Leave public school funds aline. Betsy doesn’t need more money. She needs to pay her taxes. On her income, investments, pr… See More. Continuing to pillage the Country’s public education system and line the pockets of greedy for-profit charter school owners who care nothing about educating children.. That’s good but when is someone going to step up and get cable company to bring internet to rural Maury County, TN? Children are out of school more then in and how can you do remote when internet is not available?. It gives families and students choices…freedom is a GOOD thing!. Jack Glenn are you referring to Biden who doesn’t seem to remember that the Pentagon has provided his team with hundreds of information meetings for his transition and answered all requests for information? Maybe his team needs a leader to tell them w… See More Cow in this kitchen we dance poster

Cow in this kitchen we dance poster

Cow in this kitchen we dance poster A2

How I wish people will open their eyes and minds and embrace President Trump for all his efforts to make America great again, God bless America.. Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT. always looking out for the people in need. This is why we love you!. Alllll children deserve this! Give CA parents the $$ please President Trump,not our boarded-up schools. CA public, charter and even private schools aren’t allowed to operate almost a year now! Shame on the school unions for shutting down CA schools and… See More. Now that’s awesome!!! Good move. Help the disabled children and their parents get through this time. Very hard for them, I’ve seen it first hand.. The NEA and local teachers unions are ruining public schools and have been for years!! We have lots of excellent teachers but cannot stand up to their unions or they’ll be gone!!. Brainwashing our children into Marxism and Socialism has got to end. Therefore I say “wake up parents and ditch your local liberal education system”.

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