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The Princess of Wales was a inspiration to the world , she would be so very proud of the man, father her son has become .. Lynn Monschein His mother would be so proud of him. He will be such an incredible king.. He is such a credit to his Mother and father they must be so very proud, grown into such a lovely young man and father himself. He and Kate are doing such an amazing job . Linda Canterbury Thank you Prince William for caring on your Mother’s legacy and such important work. You are a man of great compassion and empathy.. Dawn Thomas Diana was ahead of her time.all these visits she made are truly wonderful and now William following her example . Wonderful continuity of kindness. Abby Kramer Prince William is a national treasure. His dedication, his positive momentum for the world and his country are really inspirational.. Diana, Princess of Wales would be so very proud of this Beacon her son has become. She taught him the importance of caring for others. Queen Elizabeth must be extremely proud of Prince William as well. He is true asset to the entire Royal Family

Lessons hamilton taught me poster

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And his mother would be so proud of him as his father i have much respect for him along with Catherine a great asset to the UK. Such an inspiration to other young people, and a real credit to his family, with his Mothers caring nature, and his fathers and Grandmothers sense of duty to this nation, a lovely young man who will make a great King one day . Why cant you let her rest in peace. Every time one of her sons do something, she is dragged up and compared. Let her rest. Free her sons from constant comparison.. Not sure if Camilla would be given the title of queen. She may just be referred to as The King’s Consort. Anyway, if the current queen is as long-lived as her mother, she could conceivably our live Charles.. Your Mom must be smiling in heaven to see how much her work and compassion that she put in you has come to fruition. God bless and keep you always. Never forget family is most important.

Lessons hamilton taught me poster

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Sad to think that Harry could have been using his legacy to help others instead of helping himself,. Diana was extraordinary, her soul was noble and she didn’t need a title for that alive Daiana eternal princess of the people.. So pleased he’s next in line to the throne after his father . Him and Kate will one day make a good King & Queen. Claire Cairns
William is a credit not just to his father, our future King, but to his beloved, much missed mother.
He is also a credit to our glorious Queen.. Boy just Harry and MeAgain have really been a huge letdown!. Kabby Martone
Love this! Well done William!. He is really stepping up to the plate. I think he is a very caring person and the Queen can certainly depend on him
Play GIF. prince William has more and more responsibilities, what a joy for him 30 years after his dear mother laid a stone

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The Duchess of Cornwall is setting a great example to us all. My darling Mummy suffered terribly from this condition. Thank you Your Royal Highness.. Suzanne Strang Uittenbogaard. Great work, Your Royal Highness! Typically feminine trait to suffer in silence. Wonderful that research is yielding such positive advances in diagnosis and treatment.. So happy that the Duchess pays no mind to the negativity, but chooses to rise above it, and go about her Royal Duties!!! She’s earned her respect within the Royal family and many others from the public!! What a wonderful lady!! Very down-to-earth, genu… See More. Carol Ramsell. Janice Kirby. Great cause so many suffer with that horrible disease, my niece was born with it it crippled her hands nd back but with therapy is still able to do due mist things but suffer great pain,anyone with arthritis in any form suffers a lot of pain and no… See More

She is a lovely asset to the Royal Family. I applaud her work and her kindness extended to all.. I respect Charles and Camilla and they are doing there level best for this country. The fact that she’s supporting women is fantastic. Sending my love and salaam . Thank you for your support and empathy. X x. Much admired Duchess of Cambridge, she is such an asset to the Royal family . Madeline Wright
All that matters is how hard working the Duchess of Cornwall is supporting Prince Charles and the Queen.. Camilla and the Queen have signs of osteoporosis in the spine. Obvious by looking at side view of them. My physician friend sadly pointed out to me the a number of women (some not so old) with this condition while we were out and about.. She represents the Crown so well and tirelessly performs her royal duties.. Fitness and health professionals have indeed discovered, that with proper nutrition and strength training, the effects of osteoporosis can be prevented or reduced, over time. Well done.

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