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To the Royal Family,. Good to see her majesty out and about and her grandson helping her out. Looking amazing for her age, good genes xx. Charlie von Hamm I hope everyone kept the appropriate distance from Her Majesty The Queen but it is alarming to see the Duke of Cambridge so close to others.. The queen should be shielding…. and William is too close to another person in one of these pictures. ( without a mask)X. Angela Lawton. The Queen, probably one of the most informed people on the planet. . Jill Harker. I didn’t realise The Queen was out and about, that’s wonderful . So nice to see our lovely Queen out and about again and with Prince William. God bless them. What no mask, even if Her Majesty didn’t wear one William should have done and others in the room!. She is an amazing woman! She is beaming and so fabulous that William is with her.

Flamingo why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

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Wonderful lady, and a prime example of how a, member of the Royal family should be, a, lovely lady who works extremely hard helping her Mum, our Queen.. Kath Cooke. This wonderful lady is at home, relaxed everywhere. We are so blessed to have her.. So much respect for her sense of duty and commitment to her role.. Annette Ball. Maggie T Tilsley. Julie Edwards. And when some wonders what the Royals do? Well here’s a prime example of a very hard-working Royal!! A true Jewel in the Crown. She’s following in her Mom/HM footsteps brilliantly, and represents the Crown with respect, loyalty and dignity!! Just love… See More. Kathryn Aldrich. Princess Royal looks to be enjoying herself. Hope the woodland is thriving.. Rita Harker. What an outstanding example and credit she is for the Royal Family.. Great work, Ma’am! Few occasions in life more satisfying than planting trees for the next generation!

Flamingo why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

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While one has concerns that HM must be kept safe, it’s wonderful to see her stoically carrying on. She’s just a fabulous woman!. Susan Bayford
It is wonderful to see the Queen in action again.. I doubt anyone could or should stop her from doing something she feel so passionately about – she has the best people around her and I’m certain both her and William will be fine – she will ALWAYS put duty first . She is just the most wondrous woman.We are so lucky to have this dignified woman as head of our country.. Amazing lady, how lovely to have an outing with her grandson.. Martin Bishop
So good to see our Queen going about her business undeterred. Always a shining example of energy and industry to us all. They were all pre-tested. Calm down, Karens.. Gina Haynes. I wish I could have a conversation with The Queen. Even tho I am not British Her Majesty has been the biggest example how to be strong in my life. Long Live The Queen!

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Chris Tye
No mask? Not sure why the rest of us should wear one then. If the head of state can’t be bothered, then what’s the point?. Ruth Sprague Sexton
In a time of care and prudence, it warms the heart to see HM and grandson out on official business. Take every care ma’am as you continue to care and love your country. Peace and blessings . She is such a neat lady and I love seeing her at work with her grandson.. Incredible the two of them are so hard working for this country. Has to be admired. Good to see Her Majesty out with the HRH Duke of Cambridge. I just feel they should of been advised to wear masks . Heather Greenstreet
So good to see the Queen out and about. I fully appreciate that she needs to be protected and cherished but I have missed her so much.. A very good looking Queen……stay well for the next Times ….the best wishes from Germany…..

Lovely hard working Royal you don’t mess with this lady. She’s amazing.. That was a great visit Your Highness. I hope you are doing well. Can I come to one of the zoom meetings ? Everything is great. I am looking foward to The Queen’s Christmas Message This December. . The Princess Royal, a Wonderful daughter to her mother
HRH Queen Elizabeth.. Robin Peters. Barbara Champion
She’s worth her weight in gold ! Never stops working … and she’s well into retirement age !. What an outstanding Princess who shows the greatest and deepest respect for Her Majesty. So so like her Mother – always so hard working – – she gets on with what has to be done in a splendid way. Lovely lady.. Brenda Wilson
The late queen mother and our queen and king were all very. Proud of her. Hopefully she will always Anne is certainly following in her father and mothers foot steps. A well liked princess.

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