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Because she was not allowed to serve near the old woman and Mrs. Hai, all year round, she only stood outside the third door, no wonder we didn’t know our rules in here! This is not where you stand! If we stand for a while, we don’t need to say anything, there will be people

come ask her. Please bring it back, want to hear something, just come and tell Aunt Lam, ask her to tell Uncle Bao. In this house there were thousands of people, one came running, the other came running, we recognized and asked what name! When Tinh Van finished speaking, he immediately wronged him and took a cloth to wipe the floor.

Even Jesus has a surfing story poster A2

Even Jesus has a surfing story poster

The other woman heard it, didn’t know how to answer, didn’t dare stand for a long time, was too sad to bring her back. Old Tong immediately said:
No wonder she doesn’t know what the right form is. My daughter stayed at this house for a long time, when she left, she should also bow to her. They don’t need any other offerings, just bow is enough. Tell me to go right now?

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Tru Nhi heard that, had to turn to bow to Xạ Nguyệt and Tình Văn, and greet Thu Vân, but no one looked. The woman sighed, dared not speak, had to swallow her anger out.

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