Snoopy please seat yourself poster


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Knowing what to say, I also risked to do so. Bao Ngoc says:
How can that be? Just a little bit less tired, how did you work? Tinh Van says:
I know my body, you don’t need to pay any attention.

Snoopy please seat yourself poster A2

Snoopy and woodstock please seat yourself poster

Tinh Van stood up and wrapped his hair, put on his coat, and saw his head stumbling and dazed, unable to hold back. But if he did not do it, he was afraid that Bao Ngoc would impatiently have to bite his teeth to do it, and told Xạ Nguyệt to give him up. Tinh Van took a tentacle and laughed and said:

Although not very similar, but attaching is not much different. Bao Ngoc says:
This is also very beautiful. Where can I find the Russian La Tu tailor now?

Snoopy please seat yourself poster A3

Tinh Van immediately removed the cloth wrapped from the inside, took the round bamboo ring by the mouth of the cup, attached it to the left side, cut the knife around the tear to make it flat, then took the two-way sewing needle, divided it horizontally. Every two noses, you have to aim each side one by one. Suffering from headaches, dizziness, tired people, uneasy spirit, just being able to pinch his nose, Tinh Van had to rest for a while. Bao Ngoc sat next to her, when asked if she wanted a drink? When told to rest for a while. When taking a leather jacket on her back or taking a pillow for her to lean on, making Tinh Van angry to say:

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