A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a Bulldog poster


A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a Bulldog poster

Buy it now A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a Bulldog poster

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This virus is so bad that you need a test to even see if you have it, and we Def need a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate ASAP! Shut America down and destroy the economy at once! own words to Obama were that a president is solely responsible for deaths of his citizens when it comes to viruses. Ebola claimed 2 lives and trump called for his head. How many people do you think have died from Covid in the USA? The death count is down this is the opposite of what should have taken place.. The numbers are not substantiating or dictating this craziness please research please only in New York ,it’s about 3x the seasonal flu deaths because the stupid liberal leadership refused to acknowledge the problem, even telling people to use the subway. Arun Nagpal Donald Trump’s mission is to be our president And he can’t do everything in a day!… I’m sure he has scientist who are informing him or Mr.Pence… on hopefully coming up with something that will stop this in its tracks!! Our president is not GOD he’s only a man and a very good leader of our country!!… I’m sure he’s trying his best!! But people have to remember he’s not a scientist he has to wait on reports just like anyone else on a job! how about the rate of disabilities from this virus and the outrageous hospital bills from the long haulers? This virus is not done yet…it has only been 4 months and many have not recovered and still might die. This week we will go over 4 Million infections! he needs to encourage at least but preferably mandate masks in public spaces, with few exceptions. He really needs to close down the country for about a month entirely. Let the virus stop spreading and work itself out of homes that have it within a few weeks. Then reopen with mask mandates. This is how new Zealand eradicated the virus. This is what worked in countries and some states with success. Look at Maine…the strictest state and smallest outbreak.














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