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Years after DNA evidence exonerated them, Trump suggests the Central Park 5 boys are guilty and refuses to apologize for saying they should be executed.
1989, Trump: “And I said, look this women was raped, mugged, and thrown off a building — thrown off a building on top of everything else,” continued Trump. “She’s got some major problems to put it mildly. I said, ‘of course I hate these people and let’s all hate these people because maybe hate is what we need if we’re gonna get something done.'”
Trump told King his newspaper ads were not “pre-judging” the five teens, but rather advocating for their execution if they were to be found guilty. Trump also explained his ad didn’t apply to minors, but said minors convicted of crimes should be locked up for a long time in the prison system. Jesus Christ let it go “1989” past BS I said the same thing back then so did thousands of people, Didn’t happen ! Exonerated done deal . And Minor that commit adults crime should be lock up. Peter Wagner now we would ask for proof but being a democrat all you are capable of is insulting people ….but their is proof of democrats allowing the murder of fetuses on a daily basis. Yeah, but will their stock rise as much as Nike’s when Trump & Co. supported a boycott because of the Kaepernick ad, and conservative snowflakes were burning their own Nike shoes / apparel? And we think you secretly love Trump or why would you be on his page with people who do love him.Surely not to change our minds.We aren’t gullible and stupid enough to vote for someone like Biden who clearly has dementia. Peter Wagner “Vote blue. Trump’s a pedophile.” Many democrats said they will vote Trump, because they see all the lies and looked up the facts, and they realised it is not true. So thank you, you really support Trump. trump has made us persona non grata in most countrys, even Canada, and the pity of the world, so much for MAGA. He continues to be a lying draft dodger, dodging all covid responsibility.














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