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Michael Read Guess you didn’t get the news in Canada that BIDEN is the child sniffer and Clinton was on Epstein’s plane 27 times. BOTH democrats btw. The USA is NOT a democracy. If it were, there would be NO gay marriage OR abortions because in a DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY rules. So, take off the mask, take hubby and kids down to the local restaurant, get a table, sit close to your neighborhood friends (Who are all coughing and sneezing.) and sit and talk with them and others at other tables around your table, sit under the Air Conditioner Intake (one side) and on the other side sit in the cool breeze coming out and covering all of you. Then, when you are home about 6 days and the kids don’t feel well, and hubby is sick, and you are running a fever, just think “I wonder what I did wrong?” Then the neighborhood friends call and all of them are sick. Then, you should start to understand the function of your mask. Its primary function is to protect OTHERS from YOU. Their masks function is to protect YOU from THEM. So, why don’t you WEAR THE FUCKING MASK! Here’s what a criminal state looks like: The President and First Daughter hawk the canned beans of one of their supporters while federal troops attack innocent protesters in the streets and a preventable pandemic rages unchecked through vast swathes of the population. Candice Hiler – Do you REALLY think it makes Trump sound better by claiming he said the people sounding a warning were perpetrating a hoax? When there’s a tornado coming, the fool is not the guy who yells “Tornado. Get down in the basement.”















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