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This is in part why people are calling for police reform. There should be some way to have trained mental health professionals available on calls like these. So sad. This is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. I can’t even comprehend how a child would be treated in that fashion, even without the autism.

  • Until the day the educational bar is set higher for all police officers, we should at least start by having a minimum of 5 positions allotted on every police force for a “Mental Health Officer” so that every shift has an highly trained officer who is dispatched every time a 911 call is made involving a crisis like the one with Linden Cameron.
  • I feel very bad for the mother. She must feel horrible for calling the police. I guess I don’t see modern day police as helpers, more as a paramilitary force that I would only call on if in danger. I’ve had family with mental health issues and police intervention only brought handcuffs. I don’t think the police are trained to handle mental health issues at all.
  • So sad. This is why some parents do not call for help. Once they do it’s no longer their choice. You may get a sympathetic officer who listens to the parent or you may not. I have had to call because I could no longer keep my child from hurting themselves and others. I was lucky, it went well and the officers were beyond helpful.

I have a grandson on the spectrum. He is only 3 right now, but I think he is going to be a big guy. It breaks my heart to think of the lack of options his parents will have if he has a meltdown that they cannot handle.

I wouldn’t understand it either if I didn’t have a child who also experiences meltdowns. We need more education and training for our society as a whole. Every child is different and what works for one may not work for the other. But physical force and aggression does not work!

Tragedy that should have been avoided. Why oh why has the incidence of autism risen so high, praying for answers and help for all these precious children of God This is the exact reason why we need social workers to be on call with police officers in situations like this. I am sickened for his family. Praying for Linden.

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