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My only child is 15 and a sophomore this year. I am in tears and terrified and excited for us at the same time. A little less than three years and my baby bird will spread his wings. It truly does fly! I just pray I have given him the tools he needs to leave that nest but know he can come home to visit Momma whenever he wants.

  • I remember feeling so happy to drop Kately off at Meredith, my second home. Then the ride back is when reality hit. I took every chance to head to Raleigh! It was very hard. All I can hope for is she use good choices and remain true to herself. I hope that I taught her enough to be ok in the world. But I am lost without her laugh and footsteps.
  • We dropped our freshman off at Belmont Abbey this weekend. Pulling away…it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. We moms ask for patience and grace as we navigate this uncertainty and get used to not having one of our “people” in the house. My heart is so very anxious, but this is what we have prepared him for.
  • I was just scrolling. My daughter commutes to Belmont Abbey this year. We live 15 minutes from there. Reach out if you need anything. This is our second year. First was in SC.

Thanks for reaching out! We are 4 hours away! So this mama’s heart is hurting! Will is on the baseball team there! We love that area..hope your daughter has a great year! so much to do! If he ever hollers bored tell him to check out the US National Whitewater Center. Google it. My daughter also raft guides there.

Letting them leave the nest is gut wrenching but watching them flourish is so very sweet and rewarding. My son is going into his sophomore year, North Greenville University as a student athlete amidst a year of heartbreaking cancelled seasons and missed opportunities. I pray everyday that he stays healthy and continues to chase his dreams.

I lick the salt swallow the tequila and suck the lime shirt, tank top, hoodie

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