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Although you don’t know us, you have been a huge part of our family for the last 5 years. Our little family of expats have followed in your footsteps across Europe. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the locals you now call friends (we even talked our way into a closed pub in Ærøskøbing by mentioning you!). But as much as we love your travel tips, we love and admire your humanity more.

  • Travel as a political act has become our mantra. By taking our children to see places of great triumph and horror, they have seen first hand the importance of empathy for those who are suffering, speaking up against injustice and also the joy and celebration that comes from defeating evil. Thank you for all that you do and please Keep On Traveling!
  • Mr. Steves, I have always admired your open and truthful commentaries on your videos. Thank you for being transparent and drawing attention to oppression and fascism! Don’t ever allow people to dictate your views or art!
  • I’ve watched this 3 times & own the DVD. VERY, VERY informative & educational. Thank you Rick! Sadly, so many of the signs are there to see so clearly how the same insanity is happening today. I always appreciate your straight forward words.

The warnings were there in 2016, if not before. Our country is in deep, deep trouble. Americans must stop, put themselves in the shoes of their fellow citizens and think deeply about how we want our future to be. I hope they will see that domination, never ending oppression, militarism, and hate-speech is not leadership.

Thank you Rick for ALL you do, and for standing on the right side of history! And not to worry, you will never lose money as you will gain FAR more business and support than you could EVER lose! I will be booking a trip with you based on your response alone!

I watched your piece on Fascism twice, the similarities between then and now are telling. Every school should have this in their curriculum. Lest we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it. Thank you Rick Steves.

42 The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything vintage shirt,tank top, hoodie

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