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Such a great show. I’ve used it in my history classes for the last two years. Huge thank you for making your work so available to the public and especially educators!! And thank you for using your platform well.

  • Thank you for taking a stand by exposing the present in light of the past. Thank you for being willing to alienate a few who might not like what you say, even if doing so comes at your own expense. Thank you for loving your country enough to do and say the right thing, no matter who wants to shut you up or put you down. Thank you for inspiring those like me who will follow your example.
  • We watched this documentary twice in our house and recorded it. The parallels to what is happening here are chilling. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for the good, and for caring so deeply. Love all your travel programs and books!
  • Your statements are totally incorrect! The US Park police have come out with a statement that he did not send forces to take down the peaceful protesters! Lies, lies, lies! Thank you for using your voice and standing up for your convictions. So glad you are on the side of reason, compassion and emphathy.

Thank you for taking a stand – for what needs to be done – now, and for pointing out the rapid decline of this government and the pretend president and how closely it parallels the rise of fascism. Frightening – we never would have thought it could happen in the USA, but it is, IF the people of the USA don’t stand tall, stand together and NOT let it happen.

I used your book in 1986 when I traveled thru Europe and have continued enjoying your shows on PBS. Keep up the good work! What’s so bad about learning history and the rise of fascism? There’s nothing politically charged about it…unless one supports it?

IT 3D Black Hole Illusion Doormat

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