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As I watch close friends, time and time again, support this leadership of immorality, your words and actions give us all hope. My greatest desire, other than to be able to travel again, is to see November of 2020 usher in a new era of leadership, one of compassion, love, hope and unity.

  • Thank for being a voice of reason, experience, heart, faith and intellect raised against the dangerous path being followed by some in our country. I have traveled extensively in Europe and see regretfully so many parallels. I will watch this so thanks for posting. And voting is essential. I’m a big fan of yours and never go to Europe without your books!
  • Thank you for always speaking out Rick. I support your show, donate and buy you books and DVD’s every chance I get. We need more good people like you. It certainly gives me hope.. Rick, you need to remember that the President is still bound by the Constitution. You and millions of others have a chance to vote him out later this year. But if he wins again, are you going to perpetuate that myth that he’s being a dictator?
  • Thank you for all of your work. I have followed you and travelled Rick Steve’s style for decades. Your special on fascism is important work. And after all isn’t that why we travel? To learn about history and culture and ourselves. Rick, you’ve already lost some of these closed minded, hard-hearted people. You don’t need them… They are arm chair travelers only, and would have never bought your services. Your insight and kindness will prevail. Some of my friends want to make you an honorary Canadian.

I appreciate your sober, intelligent program on fascism. Unfortunately, there will always be an element of society that will fall prey to that sick mentality. I am deeply pained to see some of the hateful comments here. Your political posts are the quickly becoming the low-point of your career and ruing your nice-guy image. I don’t know where you are getting your news from, but it’s causing you to throw away your good name.

Not peaceful protests, lots of damage.Be that as it may, have your opinion, but don’t spread it as fact. You are becoming a tool for propaganda just like the fascists you warn about. I suggest you dive into some other news sources before you use your public platform to spread disinformation like you do. Disappointed fan.


RBG dissent collar face mask

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