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Seinfeld face mask

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Denise Anderson, I make good wages, My insurance premiums are paid 100% on my entire family… and it is excellent insurance! I have senority rights for bidding the shift I want, the area I want to service. ( I’m a tractor-trailer driver.) Vacation is bid with senority. I’m paid overtime daily after 8 hours instead of overtime after 40 hours. But, by the way, if you like overtime, thank a Union. Also if you like weekends off and the five-day Work Week, thank a Union. Sick leave? Unions started that too. Vacation? Yep. I could go on and on. I have a retirement pension, first choice of equipment to use. Everything I listed is guaranteed in a union contract. And my union dues are ONLY the equivalent of 2 and 1/2 hours of straight-time pay a month. WELL, WELL worth that amount. Especially when you consider I have roughly 10 hours overtime each week. Unions are STILL very much needed! They also in a roundabout way are setting the bar on what all businesses pay their employers for a skilled trade. We all know of people that keep a job they hate because of health insurance benefits. Imagine having the option to tell that crappy boss to take his job and shove it, and to go work for someone else who offers better conditions and happiness, because health insurance isn’t tied to the job. not to mention going to a higher tax bracket to pay for it. If you research the tax base rates in European countries we are very low. Someone making an average of say 35.00 and hour could be paying a higher rate than the top 1% do now. All for less quality care than they currently receive. Even Medicare and Medicaid patients would loose quality of care because a lot of device now would be classified as “elective “.


















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