Periodic table Science face mask


Periodic table Science face mask

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Those wages I worked for paid for my son’s tuition AFTER he died. They helped my daughter through college which took years following her only sibling’s death.
When you talk about Trump’s suggestion to end payroll taxes…he’s talking about ending Social Security and Medicare. So if he does that, it just might effect you and won’t be so funny or seem like a benefit that you suggest is radical. My union had NO radical agenda. You can join, or you don’t have to. But if you’re retired, know that I probably paid twice as much toward social security as you did. It wasn’t a gift. I paid Tier II myself. I wasn’t your average daytime worker. I arrived at 6:30 am, frequently worked through lunch & sometimes worked past closing at 4:30 & took things home on weekends. I got no overtime for that because I worked my way into management. I did that work because it was my responsibility. Did that 41 years working as a union member pay off? Yes. All the extra money I paid into Social Security along with the other 2 pensions we bargained for resulted in a retirement income $25,000 higher than the salary I received while working. Bargaining units have a purpose….to bargain with management for better pay and benefits. That’s the way the unions under the AFL function. In my mind, that’s not radical at all. If those around me who didn’t work for unions didn’t have benefits like that, it was probably because it wasn’t a union job. So, I deserve every single penny I earned while devoted to my job for 41 years. It was not at all unusual for people to acquire 30 to 55 years of employment. Not because if a radical agenda. Because we worked hard through negotiations to achieve what we had.


















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