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In Texas, a person can be detained under an Emergency Detention Order if someone swears out an affidavit that they are an “immediate danger to themselves or others.” for 72 hours. At the end of that they have a right to counsel and a hearing before a judge to be detained further.(uninsured patients are usually released unless they are super dangerous). The same standard used to deprive Liberty should be applied to firearms. nice try at making a point that has nothing to do with this post. And coming from people who worship people who have committed atrocities on humankind like che guevara, Mao and others is laughable. here comes the other libertarians who are convinced they are above the fray and just want what’s coming to them. Convinced of their illusions of free will and free trade. Jerren Young so image your wife wants a divorce, she swears in an affidavit you are a threat. Your locked up, your guns taken, then when you get out she uses that lock up to get a restraining order and take everything including and getting full custody of your children… All because your a fucktard that believes the drivel you just posted!
It in not guilty until proven innocent, the Constitution requires due process for incarceration and seizure of property! Shouldn’t we apply this standard more liberally? Drug dealers would surely qualify? Child or spouse abuse? Of course! Let’s include dangerous drivers! Absolutely. And why not business owners who put their employees at risk? That too. Let’s lock up the convince store owners who put their employees at risk by armed thieves. Sorry, the thief got away. Cigarette smokers and capers! All on board. Alcohol is a health risk. Yep, let’s lock up all the boozers. Next we round up all everyone who is not wearing a mask, violates social separation or doesn’t comply with lockdown requirements. Finally, let’s lockup those who protest any of these new laws as a threat to society.


















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