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Teenage Mutant Killer Turtles hoodie

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We FaceTime with our friends in the Netherlands who are Dutch and live one hour outside of Amsterdam. We loved our time 2 years ago visiting Amsterdam. Yesterday I told them how disappointed I was in our citizens and the issue of wearing masks. They told me they were in the same boat in the Netherlands and attributed it to the “anything goes” attitude associated with Amsterdam. It made me sad. I know that it is just our individual perspectives. You cannot prohibit things, it has never worked in the history of ever. The founding fathers intentionally did not give the government the power to prohibit. It wasn’t an absent-minded accident. That’s why the Second Amendment says “shall not be infringed” instead of using the words “reasonable” or “congress shall pass no law”. It is the one right that is not limited in scope at all. It says “shall not be infringed”… That means not by your government, not by your Governor, not by your mayor, not by your employer, not by some jackass who thinks he can tell you what to do on his publicly-accessible private property. Only of the punishment for falsely accusing someone with the use of that law is extreme, and rapid. Otherwise it is a nazis dream come true. Violating the constitutional rights of a citizen is a criminal offense. We already allowed far too many infringing laws to erode this freedom for the past 80 years. Enough is enough.


















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