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I don’t have a dog problem and I don’t like being labeled and leftist or anything else but I am a person who feels that if there is documented proof that someone has made serious violent threats and I speak from life experience as a social worker.
If a person has made violent threats or been involved in other kinds of violent altercations such as assault most often that’s on a spouse or significant other. Or if a person is made repeated statements of a suicidal nature and maybe has been diagnosed by reliable clinical personnel. You have to look at the numbers the press only seems to report the mass shootings But that’s not the real story they were over 30,000 incidents of gun violence in America last year
Among those were suicides and accidental killing I would not advocate the removal of second amendment right to bear arms. I disagree with people who think that restrictions such as red flag laws and background checks is some kind of slippery slope towards removing guns totally I don’t buy that. I put this in the category that seat belts, warning labels on drugs and other toxic chemicals, and fire safety laws regarding storing of inflammable substances
And a response is on this post I haven’t heard anybody suggest that there might be any reason to restrict a person’s access to firearms and I find that irresponsible because but you’re boldly and arrogantly refused to face simple facts. Lori Jezek, the words “protest peaceful” mean nothing when those same people burn loot and are violent.
Heres an idea how about all of those that are politically opposite of you, do the very same thing your side is doing. Then let’s see how long people like you Parrot that falseuos statement!

















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