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Dude, I dont particularly care about what you think about me, your opinion of me means nothing. But good effort I suppose? So instead being a little sook because my opinion rubbed you up the wrong way, why not just harden the fuck up instead?

  • That’s the business. You know that’s basically radio hosts, right? Also voice actors lmao. Some people just have some things they want from you but not the whole thing. Surprising how good looking models are not singers. Same principle here, she’s the face model but there’s an entire Voice Acting industry, of course they’ll choose one from that to voice her and do the right job (with acting and emotions), not that because her voice is ugly or anything
  • I’d be fine with them just using my face for a character, I have a hard time reading out loud due to just being anxious about messing up and then I do mess up cause I’m worrying about that more than what I’m reading.
  • It would be a blessing, to make yourself, facial and physical appearance wise, in a character, that would interact with the lead character, and just enjoy. Seeing yourself portray a certain individual, would be awesome. As if you are part of the story in the game.

Take note of this, producers and writers. This is how you make players appreciate themselves, being part of the story, in a personal level. Cascina is so adorable in this! Now I wanna play it again! I got into every new character introduced in Pt. 2, however Dina was definitely one of my favorites.

if you look hard enough at Ellie’s wrist, you’ll see she has the bracelet on (dinas bracelet for “good luck”) I’m guessing after she found Abby and let her go, she went back to the farm to reconcile and make up with Dina so I assume they had already made up before we go to the scene where she visits the farmhouse again, but this time to put her grief for Joel at rest.

I guess people were too focused on the revenge she had formed for Abby, not noticing the details that was put in at the end. Maybe I’m wrong? But she definitely didn’t have the bracelet on before she left Dina and JJ

It’s a Cowboys and beer kinda day shirt,tank top, hoodie

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