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First song I bought by you but my favorite it One Day in your life. Saw that video in a Gsmeworks in Las Vegas years ago and the colors of that video seem to match or blend in with the colors of the arcade. I just remember it being a good end to the day

  • Love this Amazing Performance Anastacia. Best part of my day today. Thank you for being a source of light love and music. More home performances like this please, Maybe ”Left Outside Alone” next time.
  • From the very first time I heard that amazing voice you have held a special spot in my heart. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, 20 years later sounding fantastic. Can’t wait for you to release a new record. Give us some pop smash concoction only you can make.
  • It’s never 20 years since this was released and 21 since I heard the drumless demo and thinking that this woman’s got some soulful voice. Seen your concert in Newcastle, North East England. Absolutely amazing! Many years ago now but a lasting impression.

I love this song. I had the opportunity to hear you live 3 times in Portugal. Kisses and thank you for making me feel happy with your voice and your music. I feel it, when you escaped from one dictator to one of the most democratic countries in the world and suddenly you realizing that there are not so many options left to flee. I am a Belarusian by the way

Like a joke but is true; the fate and future of America will be determined by the upcoming elections in November. 2016 was a warning card for America and the slightest mistake again come November will be all about America.

I normally charge $600CDN for a rental room up here in Ottawa, but for any member of the Daily Show…y’all can stay rent free. Watching from Toronto. Very funny but the truth is that the border remains closed and the majority of Canadians do not want that to change any time soon.

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