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The manager had seen. I guess by camera and was racing down the aisle and said the police were on their way. I said, “I am placing him under citizen’s arrest.” He nodded ‘yes’ the cops were there so fast. I told them what I saw, the other women said it did happen that way, the officer said if you wish to place him under arrest there’s a few papers to fill out and you have to say (exactly what to say to place someone under citizens arrest)

  • Because she was a minor, he was handcuffed and I was left with another officer to go to the side and fill out the paperwork. I dont if she left with another relative or CPS, but she came up as I was filling out the paperwork and hugged me. I told her, “Baby, that is not okay what he did to you.
  • Nothing you ever do, will you deserve to be hit EVER. This is about HIM, not YOU!” I never got a call to let me know how it turned out. I think about her often and pray she’s okay. But regardless of the village, you stand up for the children! Period!
  • Thinking out loud here. Some people shouldn’t even be parents and if it’s not the parents it’s the babysitters.This is very disturbing. It’s sad I hear this happening a lot lately. Poor kids

sweetie you need to open ur eyes. There is no real justice for anyone who breaks the laws. Hell some ppl rape kids and only get a couple of yrs in jail. Some get to walk away free. Welcome to the real world where nothing is fair and everything sucks.

So sad, I hope the child is ok… Come on people, tape a photo of your child on the steering wheel when you have them in the car to remind your self oh I have a child in the back seat, when the child is removed so is the photo and when child is back so is the photo…. it only take seconds for a child to die… take care of the precious gift your are given

I saw one where someone said take off your shoe and put it in the back with your kid! WTH is wrong with people that they need to be reminded they have a child!

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Hot Rod Car poster

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