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Until they burn your house or your business. Until they attack you in public or in your yard. They don’t care about you and Biden won’t be president even if he wins. well that’s bc shes a China & Biden lover! I don’t think you have a soul either if you think Trump doesn’t. Be dumb the rest of your life, you will see soon who normal people want to win, and he will be YOUR President again!

  • you are so ignorant if you think that has anything to do with the president lol maybe you could blame non compliance and/or bad individual situations. They really have you where they want you don’t they?
  • I was a victim of rape, and cannot understand this at all…The police involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake that sparked the recent wave of anti-police sentiment across the nation, were actually trying to arrest him for violating a restraining order stemming from an alleged sexual assault.
  • Blake, 29, was forbidden from going to the Kenosha house of his alleged victim from a May 3 incident, and police had been dispatched Sunday following a 911 call saying he was there. The officers had been aware he had an open warrant, according to dispatch records, though it’s not clear if they knew the specific allegations of violence.

Blake, was paralyzed from the shooting and was handcuffed to his hospital bed because of a warrant for his arrest, That warrant was vacated on Friday, according to a statement released by his lawyer, Benjamin Crump. His restraints were removed, but he’s nonetheless facing the criminal charges, Crump said.

Blake is accused in the criminal complaint, of breaking into the home of a woman he knew and sexually assaulting her. The victim, who is only identified by her initials in the paperwork, informed police she was asleep in bed with one of her kids when Blake came into the room around 6 a.m. and allegedly said “I want my sh-t,” the record states.

She told police that Blake then used his finger to sexually assault her, sniffed it and said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men,” the criminal complaint alleges. The officer who took her statement said she “had a very difficult time telling him this and cried as she told how the defendant assaulted her.”

I Bet My Soul Smells Like Weed Skull shirt, hoodie, tank top

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