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How you going to just slap all these fish on the dock, claim you are going to cook them, and not even know what fish they are, I’m sorry, but you are an absolute idiot if you catch and kill fish without knowing what they are. There is no excuse. Zero.

  • Parabens Flavia! Muito bom! Lindas pescas. I’d just ignore the Sunday Junior Wildlife Rangers that only fish from their couch on FB. They’re all jealous that a lady angler keeps getting better and better and puts them all to shame. You keep catching them up, and cooking them up and leave them to their 10lb bags of farm raised Tilapia for $7.99 at Costco. The nastiest fish on earth. Boa sorte Gatinha!
  • Some comments are just ridiculous. We ate the fishes we kept. I only wanted to know what they were..we made a fisherman friend there and he told us we could eat the fish. So we kept some. People get crazy and rude..no one knows me..but yes quick to judge. You don’t know my life..my story..how I raise my children.
  • This is an absolute disgrace.How long do all earths creatures have to suffer because of our stupidity.I am very grateful to the people who rescued this beautiful turtle, Syabas to our fellow men n the person who alerted them. One very lucky turtle who live for us to tell a tale.

Been watching many animal rescue videos on facebook from other countries, never thought to see one from our own country. Good job abang2 bomba, This is happening too much these days . We humans have polluted the sea so badly its a wonder anything can live in the water . This turtle got saved but what about the ones who dont and will there be a next time for this one again ?So terribly sad .

Fisherman have got to be more responsible with there nets ,theses animals live in our oceans and get caught up in there discarded nets . some die as they can not swim Its got to stop ,thank god someone helped this one but how meany more out there that doesn’t get help

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Fishing poster

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