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His children love and respect him, and that is earned. We needed Trump then and we need Trump now! We were watching her practicing the YMCA dance, and it was awesome seeing the love President Trump has for his Grandchildren, the American people don’t get to see that side to him. Truly the greastest President in my life time!!

  • Could you please assign someone to investigate the biased and unequal treatment of fathers in family court. Children’s basic human rights are violated because family court does not allow equal unimpeded access to both parents. Family court has no business controlling the amount of time a child is allowed to spend with a parent.
  • 10s of thousands of Father’s are enslaved, and treated like pay checks/visitors. It is the single biggest gender biased in our country. Family court is causing long term trauma to children who are the future of our country. If Family court had a Jury, these biased injustices wouldn’t be destroying the youth of our greet nation.
  • How can we expect anyone or any agency to treat everyone as equals, if our own justice system can’t even treat fathers as equals. We have much larger issues that no one is willing to pursue and resolve. President Trump you will go down in history as the best president this country has ever had.

Adding fathers rights to your agenda would ensure a better future for the children of our country and provide our country with greater health, happiness, and opportunity. I sure hope this gets to you. Thank you for everything.  Am a Nigerian listen Americans Donald Trump is the greatest American president say what you may but if you are an American christian and you can see that you are spiritually blind Thank you all and GOD bless America.

Pretty Awesome, but they just learned the YMCA dance??!!! Most kids know this by age 3 lol but I imagine having a President for a Grandpa can change ones priorities. Glad they got to learn this American classic! I loved the pictures and the little girl doing YMCA. Also, did anyone notice President Trump DIDN’T kiss them on the mouth, he just gave a great big hug.

Solid family togetherness is an example of how a father can run out the country. Good luck Pres. Trump. May our Lord guide you on your way. America is already great but make it greater when you win.  Thank you so much for what you and your family does for our country I wish I could sit down and just maybe have a bite to eat with your father… It seems he’s such a wonderful man

To my dear daughter-in-law I didn’t give you the gift of life i gave you my amazing son mug

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