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Fuck it Let's drink beer beach shorts

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You’ve had your little tantrum honey, made a fool of yourself, showed everyone that you’re entitled, so move on! Get a life and do something good for someone else! you are factually incorrect, especially in regards to covid. If covid was solely transmissible by exhaled viral particles alone then masks would have reduced but still present effectiveness. But that’s not what’s occurring. Not sure what you’re basing your facts on. Exhaled droplets will always be reduced by a mask covering. Even a log reduction is incredibly beneficial.
And I haven’t seen a bunch of surgeons wearing masks 4-10 hours a day developing copd so that is straight up incorrect conjecture. you answer her stupid thought! Although most of your info are wrong. Use that freaking mask 20 min to get her coffee it’s enough. Here the problem is that she doesn’t want to use one. Period. so surgeons always get copd after a few months? How about your dental hygienist? I dont see them dropping like flies despite your claims that they should be dead already. Does she not realize Starbucks has Drive-Thrus? Why go inside a store you know requires you to wear a face covering. She doesn’t have to wear mask either, she can wear a face shield and that doesn’t interfere with her breathing. that is so true! Although the drive through Starbucks by me requires everyone to wear a mask when they are paying by the window. Not hard to wear one for the 12 seconds you grab your coffee. Worked 7 years of my 42 years nursing career for a doctor with breathing issues there is no physical diagnosis why any human can not wear a mask mental and or psychological issues and or deviant behaviors is another issue ! Saw her interview today. She had a very dated medical record, that she shared as proof of a pre-existing condition…implying that it would preclude her from wearing a mask. It was a gynecological issue…..huh?  You lot are mean as I think she has a point, the Chiropractor obviously told her that she shouldn’t wear a mask as that would inhibit her ability to get her foot in her mouth…