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I’m an asthmatic and it depends on the kind of mask you wear. The n95 masks are fine for me, I just don’t like wearing them for long periods of time. But if it’s out in public in a store, I don’t mind. But I wouldn’t be able to work with one on for 8 hours. The minute I put my mask on I start having severe panic attacks and can’t breathe to the point I almost pass out but I wear my mask no matter because I would rather not get COVID-19 and I LOVE me some coffee but my mask stays on till I’m in my car or away from crowds. She does not deserve any of the money . She is just a witch. My step mother had lung cancer in 2000, she survived but had to have a 4th of one of her lungs removed… Not only does she wear a mask with no difficulty, she refuses to leave the house without one and didn’t even try to get a note from a… Checks story… Chiropractor. Maybe she could try to make a positive contribution to society, instead of flipping out on baristas who are just doing what they’re instructed to do by their employer.
I know, crazy, right? What a greedy person….. I don’t understand her need to start a go fund me.she doesn’t seem to be in need. If she can buy Starbucks which is a pleasure of luxury Not a need she need not ask people for their hard earned money!  She has shortness of breath, asthma, dizziness when wearing a mask and headaches? Should she not be shielding then? She should be deemed high risk towards the virus and stay at home not go and get a Starbucks? Surely! Starbucks as a business decided in order to protect staff and customers that everyone should wear a mask.
It’s their rules which she has no say over.
The barista had every right to refuse service to someone that just clearly wanted her way and didn’t care if her actions made anybody ill. other than facial injuries requiring dressing (burns, surgery) there are NO, let me repeat that NO medical conditions that prevent people from wearing a surgical paper or a cloth mask. Some people with SEVERE breathing problems may have issues wearing N95 masks and similar but all Starbucks require is that their customers wear a mask, a disposable surgical mask will suffice. If people can’t even manage to put one of those on for the ten minutes it takes to go and buy a coffee then they should make their coffee at home and avoid the conflict.