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Of the 12 zodiac animals, the chicken from ancient times is always very close to the daily life of people, especially the cultures of Asian countries. According to the characteristics of the species, the chicken is the type to sleep early and wake up early. The male reported the morning in accordance with the rules and was very right, “of course,” the ancients used chickens to measure the time (crowing at night usually starts at about 11-12pm and about 2 hours apart. will crow once, from which people base on the number of times the chicken crow to calculate time). The ancients also conceived the sound of roosters crowing in the morning and also helped scare away some of the evil spirits by signaling the rising of dawn.
Rooster meaning in feng shui office
Rooster is one of the favorite feng shui items, often used with furniture in office offices. In the old books also wrote that the rooster had five virtues: Van – Vo – Dung – Nhan – Tin, that is explained in Hua Kinh that:
Head wearing a hat (cockroach cockroach) is Van, the cockpit upright standing high show of character. In the Chinese language, the mandarin’s reading was homophones and mandarins, so it was said to have the merit and success.
A quick move is Vo: The male rooster usually leads and leads the whole chicken, his gait is strong and agile.
Meeting the enemy who dares to fight is Dung: with flexible movement and accurate slashes, the rooster is able to overcome some species such as Snakes to protect his flock.
There are pieces to know how to call the herd: when meeting where there is chicken food often cry for the whole herd to eat together.
Always guarding at night is Tin: chickens go to bed early and stay up all night, the sound of cock crow signals the time for everyone. The light of the neck is bright with the dawn, dispelling the darkness as well as guarding from malicious men who take advantage of the dark corners to attack and harm others.

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Chicken key west florida poster
Chicken key west florida poster