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how can any normal, decent human being look at Donald Trump bumbling through a speech, clinging to the lectern for balance, mispronouncing everything absolutely everything, cutting sentences off midway through. Lying lying more lying. Vicious, false attacks on anybody who he sees as an enemy including children, complete disregard for human life. How can you look at a human being like that who knows so little about his own country’s history, and who has done everything to avoid serving his country? Are you people brain dead or something? How can you look at a guy like that and think he’s your hero?

  • You all make me laugh. If you can’t see what the democrat run cities are doing to their people, then you are the blind one. If Biden wins, all of America would look like Portland or San Fransisco, or even LA. No law, homeless squatting in the streets, illegals taking jobs away from Americans, and everyone wanting free this, free that at the taxpayer’s expense.
  • In either do u. If u ain’t served in a combat zone dont say anything. The last president we had that served in the military was Bush Sr. The leftest liberal channels don’t report it and the Democrats refuse to watch the truth on Fox. How can they know what is really going on?
  • but your candidate has to read from a teleprompter for a scripted question lol. You all know the same thing we know, he’s going downhill mentally. If he can’t think and speak on the fly, how do you think he’s going to handle foreign affairs? That is scary to say the least.

come on are you kidding? Honestly there’s 500 bullet points of the atrocities he’s done and the terrible things he said, and the terrible policies or lack thereof, and the abdication of his duty as president, and the obvious disdain and contempt for people like you who adore him, and the pettiness, and cruelty, and mocking of war heroes and handicapped people.There’s just so much. I’m just sick inside thinking and wondering why people would ever back him up.

Obama never respected our flag or our military. He was an embarrassment to America. President Trump salutes our military with dignity and pride. That is exactly why my military family members serving currently and those who have retired love President Trump. They hated Obama. They thought he was a traitor to America. Vote RED and save our country from Socialism.

My favorite soldier calls me mom US Army face mask

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