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Renaissance artists were sufficiently confident of the godhead of Christ that they were not worried at all about portraying him as a human being while he was on earth. That other theology was the Church’s, not the Artists’

  • As usual: fully agree! What a deep painting. Sculptural beauty, now I know where it comes from! It seems to me that the humanistic aspect of the true pain, – Christ died like a human being, which is theologically key, – is slightly over-expressed by size, too ( feet small- head increased) which attracts immediately our attention) whereas the figures at the side join our insignificance: ” We killed god”: Atrocity like people, children, dying at war every day ever since. Conditio Humana
  • This is brilliant. I recall being introduced to Mantegna during art history lessons when I was young. We were taught that he had made a noble effort experimenting with perspective (and had gotten it wrong). However, this did not diminish his genius.
  • I do wonder why art historians dwell on these issues of perspective ( I don’t see an erection the penis could go in all directions  ) he clearly wanted to put more emphasis on facial expression thats all. Only this perspective is very unconventional, at least he tried out something and he decided to make the feet smaller So what?

Mantegna needs the bulk of the penis, erect or not, to stabilise the recession on the body. Try blanking it out with your finger and see what happens. The lower part of the body is very short and the torso long, but the ‘break’ at the penis distracts from this.

Christ is NOT God and Christ’s humanity was important to the Renaissance. I absolutely understand your view and I personally do not think this is an erection, but I’m afraid you have to accept that increasingly to renaissance artists Christ was made man, with all that that implies.

and to be resurrected. It is in the basic doctrine of the Church. Jesus, as a part of the Holy Trinity, is God himself. By the way, the original poster wrote that the so-called “erection” could not be possible due to the nature of Christ’s death. But why would we need to read something carefully if we already think to know everything, right? I stand by my claim, this entire issue was maliciously designed, with a specific purpose. It is not to humanize Christ, but to perverse his image.

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