Amazing the fox in forest all over printed slippers

University – Purdue University, Fort Wayne Physics If possible, run! Run with a bag-pack full of energy drinks and never stop till you are so far away, you can’t think of IPFW! Yup! A lot of politics is going on in the department – they brag about how the geology department was completely useless and they shut it down. During the interview, the chair and other faculty members were conversing with me with their eyes on their cellphones. The department-chair asked me questions without even looking at me – constantly fidgeting with his cellphone and replying to emails. The search-chair on the other hand was comparetively nicer to me, and hospitable. Over all, they are very unprofessional, and said a lot of “evil” things behind each other’s back! An example is, “ABC is late — aah, he must be handling his children. He has another one on his way in spite of being unable to handle all the previous ones!” or “XYZ is not Amazing the fox in forest all over printed slipperscoming today. He is not feeling well. Isn’t it strange how he falls ill just after the finals? I wonder if he is really ill?” During the mock-lecture, I was interrupted so many times by faculty members, I couldn’t get past 25% of the lecture. And the questions they asked were incredibly stupid – no college student in their right mind would ask such questions. When a folly in one of their questions was pointed out, instead of admitting it, the faculty member said something nonsensical. During both the lectures , one of the students had a cooing baby in the lecture hall who had to be constantly consoled, and another faculty member had his leg on the desk with shoe pointing directly at me. A

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