Amazing the fox face all over printed slippers

+400 feet … a few degrees of warming since the mid 1700s, which were a cool century, not a warm and pleasant century, were “mild” and pleasant climate change for the past few hundred years. After 4.5 billion years of natural climate change, it’s YOUR JOB to prove that natural climate change no longer matters, and CO2 is now the global average temperature “control knob”. CO2 does not have an inherent variance on a short term scale. So when you see the climate change on daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually, or every five years you know thats not due to CO2. Questionably its due to CO2 for decadal and multi-decadal lengths of time as ocean processes can be be Amazing the fox face all over printed slippersdetected on a monthly, seasonally, annually, every five years, decadal, and multi-decadal scales at a minimum and likely on centennial and millennial scales as well. Roy has the class to admit that neither he nor any other scientist understands the causes of natural climate change. The message I get from Roy’s article is that the distribution of heat by EN is cyclic. Roy is too smart, unlike you, to claim heat on Earth comes from any other source than solar energy at least, or internally generated heat from the core. I don’t consider for a moment that dangerous man-made global warming has any basis in reality. Note my use of the words ‘dangerous’ and ‘man made.’ The climate where I live has assuredly not changed in all of my 70 years on the planet – and yes, I’ve got plenty of Met Office figures to back up this assertion. Now add in long

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