Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug


Jeff WentworthNo it haven’t. Check the death rates in the US fir the last five years. Not much of a change. 23 . Chris PrefontaineEVERY YR ENOUGH PPL DIE OF THE FLU. BUT DO THEY MAKE US GET TESTED…UMMM NOO & U KNOW Y. CUZ THERES TOO MANY PPL LIVING RIGHT NOW SO IN MY OPINION. THIS IS POPULATION CONTROL. UNFORTUNATELY LET’S SEE HOW MANY SURVIVE WITH THE VACCINE THAT GETS … See more52 . Christopher LeonardAnd the common flu is zero because they cured it with a new name covid65 . Micah RiehlWearing a mask,gloves and washing your hands five time a day only depletes your immune response. Makes no sense to me. I think they are pushing the mask ordeal just so it is harder to find the bastereds that are BSing the public.32 . Gabby Doland655,000 people die a year of HEART DISEASE. Where is your demands on staying out of the fast food lane??? People will not live in fear and avoid family. That is not living. The survival rate is never mentioned, only the deaths. 61  Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug

Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug

Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug

Rey Trejo . Joshua WolfeAlso democrats and Republicans have been using us a bargaining chip to play Politics. You wanna get rid of covid eliminate the Politics and start working as a unified country.8 . Lisa MillerWho in their right mind is going to get the ASTRAZENECA vaccine, which is only 70% EFFECTIVE!!! Why is the US government even pursuing this option??? So, I have spent 10 or 11 months in my house only to receive a vaccine that is only 70% effective!!!!!… See more . Leesea KenebrewMy grandfather was a soldier in the USA Army he was part of this has history of medical experimentation called the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Only black soldiers were given this test no other race or color. This Tuskegee syphilis experiments that la… See more . Daniel LufkinAccording to the CDC the Covid-19 Vaccine is Dangerous to pregnant women, people with allergies…. . Donita ClarkThese vaccines are giving people that get it a false sense of security. No one knows how well or how long it will protect anyone. Plus no one knows what long term side effects will be.2  Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug

Respect Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug

Rush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mugRush Limbaugh thanks for the memories mug

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