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Fotine Christofideshahahahahahahahaha!!! Cuomo keeps saying it is the home gatherings causing the spread in New York – not the outdoors stuff, so leave us alone already!!61 . Sherry Lynn EmFunny thing how the flu has all but disappeared this year. Very few ‘scripts filled for Tamiflu, when every other year has had thousands by this time in the season.#YouAreBeingPlayed114 . Nina Mulé LyonsI know of people like many of you snarky ones who are now very sick from covid. One who died as well. Make fun, resist all you want. But this is real. And… it’s Russian Roulette! I won’t preach but please consider being safe. You might be a p… See more66 . Brian BrownI guess no one on here has a loved one that has died of covid or friends and Neighbors or Drs you know and nurses. Let them tell you what they see and about the body bags and how they are having mental problems from it covid fog and other side effects.… See more44  Rabbit Once upon a time poster

Rabbit Once upon a time poster

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Building up your immunity and we all need the second shot 3 wks after the first. Obviously, the more people who are vaccinated the fewer ppl that can spread it. The scientists cannot make the claim that the vaccine will eliminate covid, yet. Further … See more. instead of a vaccine, how about a new government. Uh, I eat healthy and have a safe healthy lifestyle and my immune system is fine and has worked fine and will continue too; do not need a vaccination for anything especially a politically contrived pandemic.. Take the vaccine avoid those ventilators and dying!!!. Keep your poison.. So many ugly comments about the CDC. Why don’t these people just take the CDC website off their facebook? Hmmm maybe they want to cause division or they don’t know how to.. People don’t understand how vaccines work.. Imagine a virus so deadly you have to take a test to know if you even have it , on top of a 99.06 % recovery rate . You can keep your vacancies, that’s why people have immune systems . Rabbit Once upon a time poster

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