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have a look at the indemnities they payed over the last decade and you know how save they are. They aren’t.. Forget about it that corona is lie. Influenza, eliminate the word Covid.. If we globly announce that everyone inhale eucalyptus vapours, in their homes for only 7 days.We can control COVID-19 disease because the covid is basically starts from respiratory system and if we control on it from the start of its spread in all over… See more. But it is not working it takes the lives of people. Matthew 24:36 “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.If you’re a born again spiritually by the true word of God keep praying and fasting!!!! Stay aw… See more. How can they put out this garbage that says quite a lot but means nothing AT ALL. They do not know what the long-tern effects are so how can they claim it’s safe. My God, so many lies & deceptions in all this mess. Jack Daniel’s Logo Wood tumbler

Jack Daniel’s Logo Wood tumbler

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Spurs are the most unbalanced team in PL. Offensively just amazing specially with Bale’s rise of form but defensively is just scary… Just a little pressure and shakes like green sticks. Tottenham fans should just come down to earth with their expecta… See more. It’s been a good day so far,a win for Arsenal earlier,Spurs just did it as well,Chelsea also looking forward to winning then it will finally end in tears for loserpool. Spurs always knew how to beat Burnley so I’m not surprised by the result. The pain lands in the rented bridge.. Tossey Uba. Bale is back on form you know what they say form is temporary Class is Permanent. Innocent Molebatsi. Harry only turns up when he’s not needed. His statistics are rubbish – only half truths. Penalties or against lower teams. Most overrated player in my 42 years on the planet.. Brian Easley Jack Daniel’s Logo Wood tumbler Bale running it back! 4 goals and 3 assists in last 4 games.

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