Jesus the Lion of Judah canvas


You are always the voice of hope . Each one of us, wherever we may be living, can do our small parts to combat it.. . Mr Obama is right. We know the right thing to do: not littering, using solar powered appliances, public transport etc. Every little bit helps.. Talk to Communist China–they have destroyed much of their country and are now purchasing land in USA and will do the same to us.. Climate change does not threaten the future of the earth. It threatens the future of human civilization. It threatens to make many areas of the planet uninhabitable for human life. It threatens the survival of countless species. It threatens to obliter… See More. Hey Mr Obama – my climate changes every day here in Ohio- today windy, tomorrow cold, Sunday snow. You didn’t do anything in 8 years about the climate, so why the big dialogue from you now? Jesus the Lion of Judah canvas

Jesus the Lion of Judah canvas

Jesus the Lion of Judah canvas

You are the best and respectable former president!. We as humanely as possible should promote climate change through advertising through commercials, billboards, and place signs how important it is to preserve our planets greenery landscapes. Also, recycling is a must for everyone. This is how you inv… See More. Barak Obama, a don at Oxford once told me that individual actions make no difference. What a defeatist way to go about enacting change! I therefore do my own little bit. Gave up driving more than a decade ago, limit air travel, reduce, reuse, recycle, … See More. Barack,. It’s not the planet that’s doomed imminently, it’s the current crop of animal life being sacrificed on the altar of human “civilization.”. The answer is really all simple. Plant more trees. It is not complicated at all. Only humans make it complicated. Its all science. Make the first step plant a Jesus the Lion of Judah canvas

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Jesus the Lion of Judah canvasJesus the Lion of Judah canvas

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