The hill we climb Amanda Gorman poster


Thank you President Obama! This is such wonderful and so inspiring news. My heart is full for all you and Michelle continue to do for the community far and beyond. Love to you and our entire family, the girls should be proud. May God continue to shower… See More. That’s wonderful news. I was born in South Side Chicago and I’m glad to hear that there’s a major effort being made to bring economic parity to the area.. you have no idea who I am but would like to say that it wasnt your fault you couldn’t unite the country, sorry for all the times I criticized some of your policies, in hindsight you did the best you could with the time you had.. Love Barack Obama & entire family so very much. I’m greatful 2 God 4 letting me at age 72 see 1st black President. I’m sure my mom & dad could never have envisioned such a thing. I remember as a child not being able 2 go in the front door of a store or… See More The hill we climb Amanda Gorman poster

The hill we climb Amanda Gorman poster

The hill we climb Amanda Gorman poster

I honor and respect your leadership, style and grace in the way you support, motivate and show your continued belief in what’s possible when we work. Many blessings and cont’d success to you and your family. You have indeed shown us ‘how it’s done’. … See More. You know that we love some Obama and Michelle you’ve been the greatest president we’ve ever had I believe in history I was so sad to see you go you and your family have been a blessing upon the world and it outreaches past the United States thank you f… See More. A ray of sunshine in a darkened world.This looks so promising for the people in&around Chicago.Thank you for giving back to those who made your rise possible.. Mr. President, you & Mrs. Obama are an inspiration to millions of people around the world. I can’t wait to visit the Obama Presidential Center. What a fitting tribute to your legacy. The hill we climb Amanda Gorman poster

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The hill we climb Amanda Gorman posterThe hill we climb Amanda Gorman poster

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