Black pug take my hand canvas


Thank goodness the country is back in safe hands.. well done Joe and Kamala from Scotland . Absolutely! US will once again unite and lead the world and together we will save the planet earth. America is back. Very encouraging first day in office. God speed. . Thank you for your service President Obama we miss you! Glad to see part of that great team back on top! Praying President Biden can undo all the harmful actions of the last 4 years!. I love that he immediately got to work-because he has a huge workload to undo all the damage trumpy has done. Wishing this administration all the luck and all the prayers for the next 4 years or more, God Willing!. America deserves this breath of fresh air. . President Obama the world loves you much, always wonder if these negative things The Economist writes are true. I mean about US economy Black pug take my hand canvas

Black pug take my hand canvas

Black pug take my hand canvas

Republicans need to vote for Trump impeachment, including barring from running for office again. They need to stand on the right side of history. If they do not, their names will be forever stained with the blot of cowardice when courage is required. I… See More. He’s not going to be all things to all people but at the very least he has the sense of decency required to restore the shattered norms.. So proud to be an American again . Thank goodness! We are all in with you, President Biden!. For over a year I as well as many others have asked for a COVID Czar. After so many people have died, we finally get one! There is a plan, asking all Americans to help. There is hope.. Nothing better than a day when the biggest “scandal” is Bernie’s mittens. We all took a collective sigh!. Switching to green energy helps fight climate change but freeing America of it’s dependence on fossil fuels is not just good for the climate, it makes perfect military and political sense. Black pug take my hand canvas

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Black pug take my hand canvasBlack pug take my hand canvas

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