Poster Ballet god says you are


It was necessary and thank you President Biden for settling the records straight by taking this bold decision to join us in this fight for the generations to come. We need to be involved in every possible world wide organization. You do not have a say if you are not at the table.. May his commitment to our country help us heal from all we’ve been through these four years. With Gods help he’s going to succeed.. Actions not words. Poster Ballet god says you are The US was lagging behind on climate change before Trump. Sure, he made it much, much worse but let’s not pretend your administration took climate change all that seriously.. Thank you, Mr. President. It’s nice seeing someone willing to right so many wrongs. Great first day! … See More. I admire Mr. Obama and I’m beyond relieved President Biden takes over from let’s-not-even-name-him. But I will never understand all this talk of ‘the world is waiting for the USA to take a leadership position’. All of us are not that helpless without y… See More

Poster Ballet god says you are

Poster Ballet god says you are

So proud to once again have a competent caring adult with conviction in office. I like the fact that you’re both friends. I can just see Joe getting into a bind and calling up his main man for some advice.. I’m Canadian, and I was asked today why I care so much? Poster Ballet god says you are Our biggest world leader is back to heading in the right direction . Thanks for 8 wonderful years! You and President Biden made one hell of a great team! Now: Bidens back in the driver’s seat: and America can relax and trust in his judgement!. we’re baaaaaaack! So great to have a mature adult back in the WH!. Such a relief to have an adult in charge again. Good luck Joe and Kamala!. Yesterday was the best day in 4 years! Congratulations to the new administration, to the USA, to the world. Decency, kindness, common sense prevailed. What an absolute relief and joy!

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Poster Ballet god says you arePoster Ballet god says you are

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