We must acknowledge that the American Indians were here in America first .I tend to disagree with you on this topic .many I agree with you but we must acknowledge Christopher in reality he did not discover American he took it from the American Indi… . Thank you for fighting the culture wars for us. The people who are trying to cancel Christopher Columbus are ignorant of history and need to read books not written by the communist propagandist Howard Zinn.. North America was founded by the Vikings hundreds of years before Columbus.. Ahh. Mr. President you have my vote. But Columbus DIDNT discover America first and was an absolute monster. Out of all of the statues being removed, the one I do not have a problem with, is Columbus. . Youre done. You never grew into the job. Resign.. They want all of our history erase they want to start their own history and not one that were really gonna want it sound source the more they opened her mouth the worse it gets Fox racing Zero given just fckn send it hoodie 

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The greatest economy of all time will be one that increases with no end (Isaiah 9:7 KJV). Visualize it.. My mom and I voted today in Texas also had to have proof of ID red-state all the way. I already voted 4 Joe biden. My President, you will love this; a true poll in Pa.. A well-known bakery every 4 years in Pittsburgh does the polls on cookies. Today, 1373 cookies have been sold for Trump and 470 cookies bought for Biden. This is your true polls in Pa.. You beat the monster covid and soon gonna beat sleepy Joe to make America great again Sir At least Chicago admits they have a gun problem! See what happens when you defund the police and have horrible leaders in office in the state!. You are still by far one of the most honest and high achieving leaders we have seen in the last few years Fox racing Zero given just fckn send it hoodie 

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Thank you Sir! FEMA is reacting much faster than our own insurance companies. I understand they are overwhelmed but Mr. President, someone needs to look into what is happening to policy holders. I’m so worried about the elderly and others that know… . Thankyou, Mr. President. Please look into how some of these insurance companies are treating their customers who have paid into them for so many years, only to be hit with loophole after loophole to keep them from paying out fairly. State Farm is one o… See More. Joe Biden should not be able to run for president. Get him tested!!! He is not qualified. Dementia has taken over him!!!!. Thank you President Trump. Lake Charles has been hit hard with 2 hurricanes and can use all the help it can get. That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard. You don’t like what is going on so your decision is to Not Vote. And what does “Republicans have underlying health issues” have to do with anything? Seriously…what happened to common sense?

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So many need help with clean up of tress, debris, their homes repaired,& are having trouble with even affording the deductible for insurance. Louisiana needs so many updated grids for electricity & roads! Please help! Keep fighting for these establish… . Thank you President Trump. I have alot of very good friends down in Sulphur/Lake Charles, n all around area. Used to live there myself. PLEASE they need help n NOW, past tense! NOW!!!!. Thank you Mr. President for your quick response to Americans in need of emergency help. Why not just wait another day before commenting on their plight. For goodness sake that storm happened days ago.. Not voting is no support its a statement of dereliction of duty as a voting citizen. He has stated repeatedly- those with underlying health issues will NOT loose coverage.. May the grace of God come upon all of you who vote Trump 2020 much health upon you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Great presidents always think of a whole country and its citizens, and not only big cities. Donald Trump do just that and make America great again . This is how our government is suppose to be. Trump 2020. How come it never was like this. Hmmmmm. All of America has been hit hard by your utter incompetent handling of a pandemic. Youve failed America miserably!. The finest President of my lifetime.. Your days in office are numbered. You have messed up everyone everywhere!. It will all work out.” Sure it will. Just like the virus just faded away.. This is only about him trying to win back the state for the election. If it wasn’t in the balance you would be forgotten about.. North Louisiana was hit too! Prayers for all those affected by both hurricane Laura & Delta!!. It’s very unfortunate that you can’t be bothered to send help to ALL Americans regardless of political affiliation. That is what the leader of a COUNTRY is supposed to do.

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