Watching the 2016 coverage, I kept praying you would win when it looked bleak. Watching election coverage this year, I have a feeling, will be the same agony. You have my vote; thank you for all you have done and are doing.. Best wishes from Poland -one of the most corupted contry in the EU. A lot of people support you Mr. Trump here. We are deeply beliving in your plan. .You know. We know. And you have our support. God bless you.. When Trump gets elected again, he is going to set the foundation for USA to be on the path of prosperity and freedom for future generations. Corrections dispatch ems nurse firefighter police military USA flag All for TRUMP and TRUMP FOR ALL!!. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) pushing for Dr. Barretts recusal in Healthcare and hypothetical results of the elections. Again, like yesterday, Democrats are using this hearing for political purpose with the failing Obamacare.. He’s doing good, but we haven’t really seen a decent economy in 30+ years

Corrections dispatch ems nurse firefighter police military USA flag

Corrections dispatch ems nurse firefighter police military USA house flag

Your legacy will be so much greater than just an incredible economy. You have my vote but shift that aid to the true SMALL BUSINESSES please.. In my opinion this battle we are having is not with race, I believe it is a battle between blue collar and white collar, white collar people believe they are more important than blue collar workers. I call them the elitists. They want to keep blue c… . Could you PLEASE explain HOW exactly you expect it to grow & work? Exactly HOW can American industry compete with countries as China, when it comes to wages, operating cost, government regulation cost? Career politicians have priced the USA out of bu… See More. American people better open their eyes blue is trying to turn America into a communist state, they should see what bidin and pelosi is doing I dont understand why people are still taking up for the bs.. I know one thing I can’t tell nobody what to do … See More Corrections dispatch ems nurse firefighter police military USA flag

Corrections dispatch ems nurse firefighter police military USA flag

Corrections dispatch ems nurse firefighter police military USA garden flag

The fact is Heading to the greatest pandemic at all the time. NO VOTE FOR TRUMP.. Great opportunity for you to show your true colours. Are you a patriot or not Mr T. Johnson and Johnson need volunteers for a vaccine which seems to have side affects. but that shouldnt concern you as you seem to be keen to get this done before t…
Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine trial paused due to ill volunteer. I all ready did vote 2week’s ago. you’ve got it. i vote this week. i can’t believe i ever struggled between you and biden, but that’s what the media will do to you!. I thought you were in Johnstown today? I highly doubt more than even 60 percent of your supporters in that town own stock. I’d be surprised if even 50 percent of the supporters in that town even have a retirement account. And probably less than 5 perce… See More

After 41 years of not voting I finally found a President worth voting for. Voted straight Red in person. With mask just like standing in line at the market.. Weak and desperate, 45 is throwing money at constituents in an attempt to buy votes. Wont work. We will vote. trump will lose. trump will leave.” (The Lincoln Project). President, I’m doing an early voting this weekend, and I’m voting for you! Only reason I decided to vote for you is you support law and order! . I’m ready to vote! But not for you . Yes, vote, vote, vote! Unless you’re planning on voting for Sleepy Joe of course. . Don’t forget to donate for dementia charities so we can find a cure for Joe!. Are you going for yourself or the future of your country? Whoever does politics that split a population and face each other as enemies destroys the true happiness of the inhabitants for generations to come. Whoever becomes the new president of the USA,…

Got my absentee ballot almost finished right in my kitchen. Feeling relief that it’s almost over.. Never to late nov.3 vote red will see our president come ahead. Give him some more time. Progress takes time with so many ruthless people on the dissenting side.. 8 to 2 Trump 2nd term. Just look at the comments on the hearing almost solid positive Big T” and soon to be Justice Barrett.. He inherited a strong economy and look where we are today 6 Trillion deficitTrump probably thinks the US government can just file bankruptcy since thats how he runs his businesses. Watching juge Barrett on tv and senator Leahy is SO OUT OF LINE!!!. Yes Sir Mr President we all are looking forward to seeing what your next term will bring to us the people. Bring back jobs and prosperity. Bring back law and order to our cities and streets!. Enjoy while it lasts! One term President!!

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