The results were taken from one of the largest-scale experiments in the world involving more than 3,000 people held at a color lab. Here everyone will enjoy a glass of wine and mix with different music and colors.
The music and musical instruments used in the experiment will make the audience feel the changing wine taste, possibly sweeter, or more sour than usual. According to the majority of participants in the experiment, “When you enjoy wine and listen to gentle, gentle, and gentle melodies, you will have a sweeter wine taste”, vice versa “When Enjoying wine and listening to vibrant and somewhat jarring tunes will increase the feeling of freshness but decrease the intensity of the wine ”.
The red light accentuates the grape flavor of a fine wine, while the green light emphasizes the freshness of the wine.
From there, we can see that the combination of music and color has an impact on human taste perception. The above study also shows that bars and restaurants need to carefully consider the space, sound and light for diners to enjoy wine because it directly affects the perception of guests.

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