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Vanadis laughed, reached for a small red diamond-studded tiara on the head of the girl she loved most in this world, leaning her chin gently on his shoulder, she smiled happily then waved her hand. Although she no longer has the power of a semi-angel, she can still use magic as a human magician. At this moment, the girl’s face in the mirror changed dramatically, as if becoming a different person. Bell’s parents are so beautiful. Belie silently looked at the face in the mirror, really very similar to her previous face, only her face in reality is pure Asian so soft, feminine, and this face is pure European, lovely , sexy. Sometimes, sitting in the mirror, she jokingly said that she should have undergone cosmetic surgery before coming here. The strange thing is that Belie feels that although this face is very beautiful, it is not so beautiful that she has to hide it. New York Yankees MLB Yeezy Sneaker. However, when she was 3 years old, she used her magic power combined with her mother’s holy power and magic to cover her real face, and she faked her new face and a completely different face. even her signature clear brown brown eyes were replaced by black eyes. Until now, Belie still could not understand why her parents did that, but she did not care much, because she understood that her parents had never done anything without considering her happiness. All inherited from parents – Belie put her hand on hers, closed her eyes and rested her head on my mother’s cheeks. The past eighteen years had been the happiest time of her life, the loving affection that parents had for their little daughter, the protective respect that God gradually gave to their princess Belie. are inscribed.

New York Yankees MLB Yeezy Sneaker

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