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wish I could have seen you in Reno! Thought it was cancelled and found out too late it had just been moved. go get em Mr. President.. We love you my President and yes With your help We USA citizens are taking our country back Standing Up and Standing Proud. I just finished watching your rally tonight!! Fantastic as always! Can’t wait to tune in again tomorrow! #Trump2020!!!. Thank you Mr President for saving America! . All true Americans are proud of our great leader and hero. Here’s to another four more years of greatness! MAGA!. Stand strong. We will not drop you. Keep draining the swamp.. You arent winning Pennsylvania this time!!! Thats why you have to go to little towns like Johnstown because you know you do t stand a chance in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia #chumpinchief. After most on them get COVID. Please EVERYONE…..Vote a STRAIGHT RED TICKET IN PERSON Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster

Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster

Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster A1

Taking back our country??? Donnie you have been in control 4 yearsI agree, take our country back…. from you….. A new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that over the last 5 months per capita deaths in the U.S., both from COVID-19 and other causes have been far greater than in 18 other high-income countries.. TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR WILL BE PROUD OF THIS PARTICULAR AMERICA PRESIDENT . REST IN PEACE HOMIE GOD KNOWS WHY?. Once re Elected take the gloves off, show them what happens when they attempt a coup !!!! We the people are with you !!!. 21 more days…. you’re a “Gonna”, Donny. Trump- with all this “rampant voter fraud” you keep bringing up- what do you have to say about all the voter suppression going on in republican states? Anything to say about the Republican-owned fake ballot boxes in California? No? Nothing? Interesting… Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster

Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster

Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster A2

You nailed it our President Trump! We support you
And more prayers for the continued success! Like you said
For us All Americans! We voted for you already my family and friends. Phyllis and David Holcomb stood in line 3 hours and glad we did. Many more Trump supporters were still in line. Fort worth , Texas. Praying Trump is in the whitehouse 4 more years but I have to know why someone who makes up to 99,000 a year needed a stimulus check. if they are hurting then it’s because they don’t spend their money wisely…… I’m alone and living on 9,000 a year……. that’s not right ……. Its also a choice of safe streets and communities, ENOUGH OF CHICAGO, PORTLAND, SEATTLE ET. I love watching Trumps rallies! The enthusiasm of the crowd, the cheers and the love for this man! Thousands and thousands at every rally! I wonder what the left really thinks when their candidate cant even fill a one room school house!

Some cats are just born with tea in their souls poster A3

It’s pretty obvious Biden is senile. The guy keeps saying he is running for the senate. Again Biden had what sounded like 20 people. He said Trump won Ohio the lady 2 times so he thinks the president is running for a third term and forgot what state he was in. This is ridicoulous and disgraceful he’s running for president. Wake the hell up. Biden thinks hes running for the US Senate, and thinks Trump is running on his third term, and Biden also said, Quote ( Don’t vote for me) end of quote. Biden has totally lost it.. But if you win, Russia win and North Korea win.. Awesome turnout thank you Pennsylvania!. You first said China was doing a great job with Covid. So we don’t trust what you say anymore.. We voted today here in Texas…RED!!!. Russia wins if you win! P.S. I don’t like you and my suburban neighborhood is just fine.

My familys been here building America for almost four hundred years and fought in the Revolution. I just mailed in my vote for Joe Biden today! . Trump is best for the usa and economically and works for those who are a different skin color, Trump can not do anything for by the police. so please honestly vote for Trump please. That others are lying to Trump is very wrong.. Thank you President Trump! Cue are the greatest President in my lifetime . Looking forward to four more years of Sir great leadership and make America great! Thanks president so much !!!. First time voting for president at 45. You get my vote. Yes we did build it Thank you Mr President for saying it. For 8 years all we heard from Obama repeatedly ‘you didn’t built that’.. So what is being said is if you dont agree with trump you are not a proud citizen and did and do not help building america. Nice flipping the bird to all who were and are defending your country and taking care of the ill and weak. Wow Nice going

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