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Lol, comment section so full of haters, bitter, and jealous people simply because he’s become the best. You know Hamilton is the GOAT when he’s managed to stir up this many haters. He deserves everything he has accomplished from his humble start and if he decides to retire right at the top, I think it’s perfectly respectable. Y’all haters on the other hand can keep doing your job, keep hating and keep being pathetic.. He won’t leave unfortunately, he wants to break more records, he said so himself and winning is what he lives for. Unlike Kimi who races because he loves his hobby, that’s why we love Kimi!. Amazing when ferrari and Schumacher won everything formula 1 was labeled boring so ferrari were capped on spending on their car, Mercedes has won now 7 constructors titles on the bounce and they’re labelled a ‘great team’ how does that work

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U have gud players…jst find a good Experience coach to manage those players..not Pogba this or that…those r beta players..u want those players to shine n other clubs if they leave u? Camon…get a couch. He doesn’t know how to read match,no pattern nothing.. No need pogda anymore. too slow ever late.Try sleep when he playing time . Van der beek needs more playing time……… Very young and good at it with big moves on the ball. put pogba on bench till he get retired . paid so much …. money …still hopeless…. he need to train extra hours on top of what he training now.. Ole Gunnar Solskjær God will punish you anywhere you are, no 1. For making me waste my precious time to watch your stupid team, no 2. For making me waste my money to pay as to watch the match, God will punish you anywhere you are

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Wen thing are bad, u will say l done ole or paul but wen good thing happen ole and Paul are good,my brothers what me I noticed is that Bruno the best number 10 nt Paul so ole should work on it thank you,man u.. I told man United support long time Ole and Woodward have to go out to save man united. Man u coach is a unless coach.. The team is good but ole I don’t think that man has starting eleven bcos he is fun of rotating team nd with this is not making the team to be consistent his tactics sef nobody understand I won’t be surprise if they sacked him nd the new appointed coach… See More. I think this is time for ole and his son pogba to leave our club. Ole why did u start Pogba first half instead of second half knowing fully well dat wen ever Pogba play second half he gives United winning why starting him from the beginning

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Watching arsenal vs united was boring,the accuracy from players was poor,so many mistakes in the game…from the start it was clear that a goal will come from personal errors.. OLE DON’T know WAT HIS DOING ,HE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO START D MATCH QIT POGBA ,AND SUBSTITUTING FRED WAS WRONG. Pogba killed our game today,pls let him go. de change det he made was bad for removing bruno in de game it ws pogba det could go out of de game. The information that the coach ues is very bad my dear I’m not happy with him. No sense manager always play on defensive you will continue carry bad results. Incorrect selections is the problem, incl the captain?. Play one or the other.. or even just not play pogba all together. Like it or not fried not in the game he would have use matic, Bruno,and Pogba to start up this match is a tough one

F1 will be woth watching again if he leaves. He can follow a career in politics.. Mothei Boikobo
The racists are happy, he will be here and set more records,. Obviously not getting all his own way, won’t be gracious and take the pay cut and everybody is just sick and tired of him, so what does he do throws the rattle out of the pram and threatens to quit. What a sports man . We should be so lucky.. I think he is playing mind games because they will not pay him 40 million to stay with them. Its all about the money. This is for attention nothing else he is too self centred to leave. You would not be missed as fewer and fewer are watching F1.. Best news of 2020……every cloud has a silver lining.. That would be the only great news of 2020 if he fu*k*d off . He can crack on with his fancy dress business he seems to be promoting at the moment

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