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You want Biden the one who can’t even rememberer where he is? You are voting for Harris a known socialist?. Still waiting for my Trump prize from his first term. What’s gonna change on the second?. If Biden wins, even Pakistan wins. They will get back the funds and keep spreading terror.. Biden will win, you have already lost the majority, not that you ever had it. Which you did not. You cant change history or facts!. Pennsylvania was looking for Real jobs & instead Trump destroyed the Economy by mishandling the Coronavirus. 45 for four more years. If Sleepy Joe wins,he will surrender to CCP!If Trump wins,he will make America and Stock Market Great Again!. When the speaker of the house Newt Gingrich was forbidden to discuss George Soros ,on the FOX, that was the moment I lost interest in the politics! That toppled my previous loss of interest due to non-punishment of previous administrations wrongdoing a… Lord Of The Rings Starry Night Van Gogh Poster

Lord Of The Rings Starry Night Van Gogh Poster

Lord Of The Rings Starry Night Van Gogh Poster A1

Don’t worry abit this judge owned them all today. Clear winner and will be a great justice to all Americans even for the far lefties. He and his Spartacus” moments. How did he ever become a senator!!??. #MAGA my friend! . I can’t stand him. He was trying to act innocent in his questioning when him and all the democrats are trying so hard to get her to say something they can use later. She’s too brilliant to fall for it!. Dear President you have my vote. Please, please help those who are paying outrageous health care prices, co-pays and deductibles. Reading the posts from my Michigan family and friends, it saddens me to see the astronomical prices they have to pay. T… . The Democrats continue to embarrass themselves displaying their ignorance of the law. She is smarter than anyone there. Fill the seat!. It is embarrassing when these Senators say awful untruths about our President. Is there no respect and dignity left in the Democrat party when someone disagrees with you. Lord Of The Rings Starry Night Van Gogh Poster

Lord Of The Rings Starry Night Van Gogh Poster

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Because all they can do is lie. It’s the whole Democratic Party. We are way better off than 4yrs ago. Cory Booker is a leftist liberal running on the race card!!. I couldn’t believe what he was saying when I heard it what a showboat full of lies!. On another note Sir. Watching Judge Barrett being questioned by Cory Booker. Just need to say. Miss Judge Any Coney Barrett is a STUD. she never fails. Booker was despicable! Barrett on the other hand was brilliant in her responses! She WILL be the next SCJ!. I actually thought he was going to win the Democratic nomination at first but he just didn’t have the name recognition.. That is why I did not vote for him in NJ.. Booker is a waste. Congress is a giant mess these days. Vote them all out and let’s get some new faces in there.. Fear. Fear and Fear never comes from God.

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Ummmmmmm and youve done what doe healthcare??? To quote you we have it already” talking about your plan. Where is it??. When will they learn they can’t trip her up? Same questions over and over and over again. Her intellect is beyond belief!!. He’s a total nut job. He couldn’t hack it as a presidential candidate so he’s trying to regain some credibility.. How dare you stick your nose into the hearings and try to sway the outcome Your nominee is more than capable of fending off anythingthat comes her way STAY OUT OF IT !!!!!!. Mr. Booker is a yuge fan of glory holes in men’s restrooms.. All of the Senate democrats are cra cra. They blame everyone but themselves.. Cory Booker actually spent more of his time campaigning against you than he did questioning your candidate for Justice. Disgraceful!. Booker is a complete failure as a senator and a human.

We love and support you! Pennsylvania is yours!. The crowds the president draws are huge.. The ground support is overwhelming but the media wants to portray the president is trailing in key battleground states. This should make you Happy! Good job Mr. President. Bring it home Big T!!!. Come back one more time to Reno. Nevada. I wasn’t able to get a ticket last time. . Go Pennsylvania we need you vote 4 more years.. look at the crowds who are coming to see him everywhere. In the middle of a pandemic, great leadership… Look at the size of this crowd.. This year In November will be the year that President Trump makes history by winning Re-election is because the silent majority supports President Trump and we are the Pro life generation that will over turn Roe V Wade Trump 2020. Awesome! In any other year, without mail-in ballot fraud being so possible and without the insane-left media carrying the water for Creepy Sleepy Joe, this race would not even be considered a RACE, Trump is so far ahead in all the metrics that matter.

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